Marca Mexicana de Trajes de Baño

Mexican Swimwear Brand

About us?

Akasha Wear is a Mexican swimwear brand created by María Moreno dedicated to the design and production of handmade and limited pieces.

We seek to wrap you in the immensity of nature and provide comfort while wearing an incredible, unique and fashionable swimsuit. In addition, each of our pieces is designed by María and later they are made by the hands of Mexican women, thus creating pieces as unique as you.

What does Akasa mean?

Akasha is a Sanskrit term meaning 'an infinite space'. It is a place where we all fit, and where we are all one. Visit our Akasha Wear site to get to know us better.

Mexican swimwear brand

Our Collections

Akasha wear is a Mexican swimwear brand that started in the paradise of Cancun. For this reason, our collections are unique pieces that are inspired by infinite spaces within the diversity of Mexico. Enveloping you like this, in the immensity of each natural and magical space where we are all one.

All the swimsuits are designed by María Moreno, and our collections are exclusive and limited in order to create pieces as unique as you are. In addition to being incredible and fashionable swimwear, we look for the best fabrics made in Mexico to provide quality and of course, continue to support local.

What makes us different?

We offer a modern and handmade line of exclusive swimwear made for you. Being a Mexican boutique, our pieces will be limited within each collection.

At Akasha Wear, in addition to being a Mexican swimwear brand, we use environmentally friendly packaging. With the intention of optimizing them more and more. You will always receive your swimsuit in a reusable bag designed especially for you, which can accompany you on all your trips.

And of course, our products will always look exactly the same as those offered in our photos, Instagram and web catalog .

the best mexican swimsuits

Coming soon find out the favorite travel destinations of our #akashabaes using the best Mexican brand of swimsuits

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